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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, April 25, 2019 14:00:41
Just before Easter Holiday's I executed a plan to help save the 'Polish Association House' (Dom Polski Cardiff'). Basically the club is owned by the church and the people that were running it had no clue about Business Management' so they walked away leaving the building empty. I reached out to the church to no avail and then I contacted the ex-chairman of was at the time the 'Polish Association'.

It has been closed for a couple of years now and is running into disrepair. The church is very disillusional thinking they can sell the building and convert it into flats. What the first thing that comes to mind is you need to put money in to bring it up to any safe standard before you can sell it.

So I came up with a plan and have started the ball rolling so to speak by starting a magazine which the church could make money to help renovate.

The domain is

Regardless if the church takes me up on the offer or not I will still continue with the publication but instead of it being monthly it will be quarterly.

I have a list of investors who also would be interested in my business plan which obviously the Church is in desperate need of. Its a waiting game at the moment and I would be helping the Polish Community in Cardiff as well as saving 'Holy Ground' as Pope John Paul II visited the house when he came to Cardiff on 2nd June 1982.

I was only 19 at the time when the Pope came to Cardiff and back then I lived in Shrewsbury, but since then have made Cardiff my home.

Watch this space for further updates...

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