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New Domain Branding Website Launching Soon!

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Tue, October 03, 2017 19:52:50
New Domain Website Launching Soon!

Domains will be Branded with a Logo, this Logo will be your Trademark and will be supported with a keyworded url. In some cases we will also list quirky and novel domain names that can be integrated to a niche. These names rank less quickly to keywords that have been searched for thousands or millions of time over. Good marketing will get you domain shown quicker in search engines. Consider an advertising budget when going down this route.

At StartBrand you will have the opportunity to purchase Businesses in a Box. Imagine waking upin the mroning deciding to set up a business and by the evening your set to go.

StartBrand also has the added advantage of free online consultation.

StartBrand will also consider giving a head start to individuals on a low budget. Please email to see about getting 30 days gratis.

At site is still in the development stage but will be launched by 16th October 2017.

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Disgruntuled EX-Website Client.

ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Sat, September 23, 2017 13:22:04

It's actually quite difficult to define this person. He was originally a client but expected me to work from his premises for 40 + hours per week, not just doing my work but also work in his photographic studio which I hated but was told that if I was to walk away he would not pay me for the three websites I built for him. He was only paying what he could and not an agreed amount as per my price lists.

We never engaged in contracts as he refused to sign them, he was thinking long term how to scam me no doubt.

I have known him for best part 24 years and when he was starting out as a photographer all those years ago I was offsetting Wedding Photography onto him as I was moving into a different industry.

Then last year he paid me £400 per month and I had to open his studio and work their Monday to Saturday 09.30 to 17.30 hours which is 192 hours a month which equates to £2.00 per hour which is less than the minimum wage. (This is slave labour and I allowed it to happen smiley) Plus the fact I built three websites for him and he basically took advantage of me. His words to me where once business picks up he will pay me more.

At first I thought I will see how it goes but when he started dictating to me telling me I could not conduct or promote my business from the studio, I started to get irritated by his mannerism. He was very controlling.

With this in mind I was forced to work on my business out of office hours, I no doubt lost a lot of business as I was told he would bring more work for me if I perserved working in the studio, this work never materialize.

So moving on this year he decides to close one of his studios down without any notice because he owed money to the proprietor of the premises.

Better for me, I hear you say as now I am a free agent and can concentrate on my business 100%, but what that meant was he would not pay me for the three websites of which two of them I had full control over.

So the @@@@ hits the fan and I ask him for my photographic equipment back and he refuses on the grounds I owe him a laptop which as I see it is services rendered from 5 years ago as he did this once before......

I threatened him with legal action and no suprize he brings my equiptment back.

Fast forward to the present day, my mistake I forgot to remove him as an admistrater to my Facebook page and low and behold he pulls a stunt by trying to delete my page.

I retaliated by screenshoting the notification, unblocking him off my phone temporarily just to send one message, that I will be showing the notification to my solicitor on Monday.

So I hear you ask why is he disgruntled?....... because one of his biggest paying customers had sourced me out and now he is reaping what he sowed.

Its not my fault that this particular customer preferred to do business with me and the table has turned. smiley

Plus I'm laughing as I have just looked at his website and he has messed it up. It going to cost him to rectify this as I know he does not know what he is doing otherwise he would never have approached me in the beginning to design his website. smiley

He has and is continuing to do so, make money off the back off me.

In fact I should be the one to be disgruntled after all everything he has done, but I move on quickly and only express my grievances when my buttons get pushed.

What he does not realize is I own keyworded domain(s) relating to his business and one domain is live and is on the first page of Google. I could duplicate this niche a dozen times over.

Knowing how to do passport photos I have declined to get into this business as I still want to concentrate on my own company.

But this might change and I will actively be using to generate another income stream and also be in direct competition to this space. At the moment the website status is 'For Sale' but anyone wanting to start an online business can message me as I have a few domains relating to this niche and am happy to sell them rather than make a living out of them.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me the second time I will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Don't get me wrong I am a happy go lucky person but if someone tries to get under my out.

Moral of the story if someone refuses to sign a contract walk away and always delete any digital footprints if you part on bad terms.

Also if you are ever approached by this person to design a website for him be careful as I am not the first or last to be scammed, he has a very poor credit rating and will pay the first few payments and them stop in his tracks.

He plans to have a fishing website done sooner or later as he wants to sell fly fishing equipment online, I suggest tread with caution and ask for money upfront or decline to do business with this individual period.

Should I have made this post?, is it professional of me to do so?

The way I see it individuals like this should not be in business if they go around scamming and exploiting people. If it means that I prevent someone else being scammed I have at least acheived something.

Don't get me wrong I hate airing my dirty laundry out in public but there has to be a way of stopping people like this from causing mayhem and disruption to businesses. Had I have not noticed this Facebook notification he would have succeeded in destroying an income stream for me.

He will be getting a letter from my solicitor.

Rules of Business.....

Always show respect and never do anything underhand as it will always catch up with you.

Be Safe and don't be Sorry!


Moving forward he has now realized I have published a book for his client, but what he fails to grasp is the client is going back to him to get a book done to see the comparison of the qulity which is not going to be anything like mine as everyone who has seen mine including a competitor of his all remarked how high quality it was. His client has confirmed he will be ordering 10 books from me regardless. Fuming for him and he who laughs last will laugh the longest. Karma is a B@@ch lol.

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Domain Scams

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, September 21, 2017 12:38:48

Domain Scams

Whats on my mind today is an email I received from a Chinese registrar wanting me to give up my rights to 'UK Website Designers' and 'UK Domain Brokers'.
I had two options either ignore the email or reply back. I chose to respond......hopefully I won't here from them again.

Email Scams to Coerce Domain Owners to give up their domain names or buy Chinese TLDs with the same Domain Name / Brand.

What happens is Asian scammers pressurize firms to register identical domain names in Asian Top-Level-Domains. The act is called “Slamming”, and is an illegal practice to mislead companies to either give up their domain names or sell them unsolicited services and domain extentions.

Unknown third party, pressure, threats, high prices…

The practice involves sending an email, written in English and adressed to the CEO of the targeted company. The scammer contacts the owner who is usually unaware of the rules and regulations related to domain names.

They present themselves as accredited Asian registrars, mainly in China. This unknown third party notifies the owner of the domain in questionthat one of their clients wants to register domain names containing the trademark of the tartget of the scam.

So what do you do when faced with slamming?

When you receive the email, contact your usual domain name registrar. They will confirm the action as being a scam by the Asian registrar.

If your scammer has interests in the Asian region then registrations in .ASIA and in the few local Country-Code-Top-Level-Domains (ccTLDs) were you are located (ex: .HK HongKong, .IN India, .JP Japan, .KR Korea, .SG Singapore, .TW Taiwan…) are more appropriate.

Be Safe!

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Legal Documents

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Wed, August 16, 2017 12:26:30


I will be uploading Legal Documents in Word Format for you to copy and paste and use for Leasing, Non Disclosure and Commissions.

If you are in a hurry to have access to this please inbox me otherwise it will be uploaded soon.

Meanwhile if you need Legal Advice please contact Robert Dudden on 029 21 320 150

Have a Great Day!

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Listing Domains on GoDaddy

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Mon, August 14, 2017 11:26:23

I have recently bought a domain from the Bargain Bin for what I assumed was £4.00 but when I went into the checkout it immediately jumped to £20.00 so I phoned 'GoDaddy' to quiry it and this is what they said in reponse to my question. The £4.00 goes to the seller of the domain and then there is a renewal fee of £12.00 plus vat.

Seeing as the domain was catchy and a dot com, aswell as 'GoDaddy' had valued it at £1.5K, I couldn't resist and bought it.

It was not available to me for about 3 days after that, so when I then decided to flip it on the premium listings I was told I could not sell it for 60 days. No one seems to write about these things which is frustrating so I'm going to have to wait a couple of months now before I can sell it. I'm not impressedsmiley

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Value of Domain Names vs Traditional Advertising

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Wed, July 26, 2017 18:04:55

So today I sit in front of my computer and start making a list of companies to contact in regards to a particular category of Domain Names I have for sale.

At the same time I have my inbox open and I get a response back from one of the contacts on the list.

Talk about one brain cell mentality. The guy who ever he may be in the company but obviously has some authority to open up emails responds back and I immediately felt rage.

He's not on the first page of Google for the paticular keywords in fact he is about 5 or 6 pages behind and he is not using Google Ads, which must have be the reason how he responded, probably because he does not have two pennies to rub together or may be all he has is a fiverr.

I could screen shot the email aswell as name and shame him. But if your reading this your an idiot and deserve to be on the last pages of Google and people like you should not be in business. Obviously his company most probably is only worth a fiverr and if I was pedantic I would scrutinize his website for errors, which at a guess he must have a few not to rank well on Google but he is not worth the time.

This brings me to an article I read today that enforces why domains have high value and the domains I was promoting today are worth more than a fiverr:

This is the article happy reading:

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PPC vs Keyword Related Domains

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Fri, July 21, 2017 16:34:45


Imagine how much money you could save by having a keyword related domain? Yes brandable names are fine providing you are well known, but what if you are starting out and want the world to know who you are?

This is where SEO link wheels come in. So you have launched your brandable website which is not known to the world and probably people will not even search for your name so what do you do?

You then hire a marketing company to advertise your name. Imagine if there was a simplier way to get on the first page of google with a keyword related domain.

What you do is you launch your site which is the mothership but you also launch another forwarded to you main site with your keyword related domain. The name will change in your address bar on your browser automatically showing you your branded site.

I have attached a link to 25 most expensive keywords of all time. If you had a budget of £3.00 per day you would not even hit those keywords meaning you would less likely be found. Hence owning a keyword related domain makes more sense.

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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Mon, July 10, 2017 20:04:31

New Domains For Sale:

I have already listed them on Flippa, GoDaddy Auctions, Afternic and Sedo. I will be making landing pages for these domains aswell as marketing these individually to persons that match these criteria's.

Watch this space!

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Naming and Shaming

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, June 29, 2017 20:31:01

Naming and Shaming!

Finally there is a website to name and shame corporate scammers. I could think of one person I would love to put on this website.

Although he did not scam me for stealing my domains he did however scam by making me build websites for him and then did not pay me.

I could go on but he was running two photographic studios, he expected me to work in this studio building my company websites but also helping him with the photo shoots which he never paid me a single dime for.

He did pay a monthly fee up until the point he decided to close one of the studios down because he owed money for rent and thats when he stopped paying me for the websites. He found out what hosting company I used and registered one of the domains to that hosting company and made me build the websites for him.

So I have no control over that site even though he uses it to make money from and he must have planned this all along for me not to have control over his hosting.

His time will come because I can pursue his debt for six years accumilating interest at 8% per annum on £11K.

So I would love to name and shame him but I need to take him to court first before plastering him all over the internet.

But unfortuately the owner of this site has focused on Domain Thieves which this particular individual does not fit into the catagory unfortunately.

The website is:

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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Tue, June 27, 2017 23:32:05

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