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ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Mon, July 01, 2019 14:12:42

I am getting increasingly cheesed off with this company it one thing after another with them. Today one cannot access the control panel to make any changes.

Totally inacceptable - I am slowly moving away from the joke of a company.

Avoid like the plague.

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ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Sat, March 02, 2019 01:10:15

Remember when I first published my blog I said that this one photographer that took advantage of me by blackmailing me that in order to get paid for the websites I developed for him I had to babysit his photographic studio for free, well I thought I would teach him a lesson and persuade one of his high paying clients to come to me.

At first for the last two years it worked fine as I said I would do the work for free with upto 3 revisions. I won't say what the project was about or name anyone but two years on this client at first would give me small monetary gifts. However recently as he is obssessed with his project he has changed from giving me monetary gifts to paying me with chocolate. Don't get me wrong I do love chocolate, but week in and week out he just pays me with chocolate. which is a bit much.

So today I gave him the shock of his life when I produced a quote for a similar project and showed him how much he has saved as I had undercut other service providers of which this photographer would have charged him without a doubt.

So today after I showed him the quote I had made for another client, he went quiet and I think it sunk in that he has taken advantage of me too.

It will be interesting to see if he continues to pay me with chocolate and if it comes to it I will have to call it a day.

Some people get paid with money, gold or bitcoins whilst I get paid with chocolate.

I might as well put a sign on my website that I accept chocolate too.......just joking, I prefer money or gold any day.

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ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Wed, August 08, 2018 23:53:53

Obviously this is not my usual post about Domain Brokering but I want to spread awareness that we should not take life for granted because when you are least expecting it something devasting could easily happen.

I am posting this as we are only human after all.

It is still very surreal at the moment as my 17 year old daughter and I come to terms with the fact she has been diagnosed with MS only last week.

We are staying positive as she prepares herself for the Lemtrada treatment in the coming weeks. We are on standby and we will have a phonecall in the morning any day now to come in for the afternoon, as the hospital are just waiting for a bed to become available.

This has been a shock to the system for both of us but more so for my daughter who already has had two relapses within a period of 6 months.

After having a CT & MRI scan they discovered lesions on her brain and spine and after the lumbar puncture they confirmed my daughter has MS.

I never really thought much about the disease up until now and although I have heard about people having it I never really knew how debilitating the disease actually was. In the worst cases people are bed bound or in wheelchairs as they do not have a cure for the disease and only experiment with different drugs as they do not know what causes it either.

I am posting this for awareness as little things like jumbling up words when speaking or writing although may be laughed off could in actualfact be a sign of the disease manifesting. Also blurred vision or the need to go to the lavatory without notice could be signs that the disease is revealing its ugly head.

My daughters symptoms started with pins and needles and numbness to the lower part of her body aswell as tiredness and bad headaches.

Although I feel sorry for her as any mother would be, I also give her motivation and encourage her to make goals and maintain them so that she reaches them someday.

She is in her last year of college before going onto University to study Medicine.

Hopefully the Lemtrada will help her.

I am seriously thinking of buying a suitable domain name that will sell motivational merchandise on a website that I will develope and will help spread awareness whilst also help raise funds for more research.

I know there are MS Charities, Groups and Societies out there already but I also want to do my part to help present day and future patients.

Anyone with ideas please PM me.

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ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, July 19, 2018 13:23:36
For people who do not know what this is, its a bit of code that every website needs in order for browsers not to block your website OR mark it as unsafe. I am creasing myself up with laughter here, as my ex-client read previous post in (About The Owner) catagory, has evidently not done this for his website as he is clueless. So that means one day soon his analytics to his site will be nil and when he investigates it further he will know that he needs a webmaster to fix the issue. Fuming for him. High Five For Me smiley

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Disgruntuled EX-Website Client.

ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Sat, September 23, 2017 13:22:04

It's actually quite difficult to define this person. He was originally a friend, a contractor and eventually a client. I met him over 20 years ago when I had my own Photography Studio 'Siren Photography' and was outsourcing Wedding Photography as I had too may weddings to cope with myself.

Years later we met up again but this time he had his own Photographic Business. We talked and he asked me to help him out whilst he went on holiday and did not want to close the studio down, so I decided to help him. In the meantime he said he was going to downside studios as he could not afford the rent. He then moved into a Local Newsgent and started trading at the back. Within that year I helped out by doing a couple of photshoots including a couple of weddings. He did not pay me and went on the pretense that his clients had not paid him. This was our first argument and one day I turned around and said I had enough and walked out.

A couple of years later we bumped into one another again and out came the sob story that he needed help in the studio as he had too much work to manage by himself. I felt awkward but he also asked me to build him 3 websites so I agreed even though in the back of my mind I felt wary.

As the months went on I felt uneasy he portrayed himself to be my employer and undermined me in front of his clients. Local businesses thought I was working for him as an empolyee and did not give me the respect I deserved. What became the icing on the cake was that he expected me to work from his premises for 40 + hours per week, not just doing my work but also work in his photographic studio which I hated.

I was told that if I was to walk away he would not pay me for the three websites I built for him. He was only paying what he could and not an agreed amount as per my price lists. We never engaged in contracts as he refused to sign them, he was thinking long term how to scam me no doubt.

I have known him for best part 24 years and when he was starting out as a photographer all those years ago I was offsetting Wedding Photography onto him as I was moving into a different industry.

Then last year he paid me £400 per month and I had to open his studio and work their Monday to Saturday 09.30 to 17.30 hours which is 192 hours a month which equates to £2.00 per hour which is less than the minimum wage. (This is slave labour and I allowed it to happen smiley) Plus the fact I built three websites for him and he basically took advantage of me. His words to me where "once business picks up" he would pay me more.

At first I thought I will see how it goes but when he started dictating to me telling me I could not conduct or promote my business from the studio, I started to get irritated by his mannerism. He was very controlling.

With this in mind I was forced to work on my business out of office hours, I no doubt lost a lot of business as I was told he would bring more work for me if I perservered working in the studio, this work never materialized.

So moving on this year he decides to close one of his studios down without any notice because he owed money to the proprietor of the premises.

Better for me, I hear you say as now I am a free agent and can concentrate on my business 100%, but what that meant was he would not pay me for the three websites of which two of them I had full control over and have closed down but he still continues to trade from the one website that I had no control over as he registerd the domain and would not forward it to me.

So the @@@@ hits the fan and I ask him for my photographic equipment back and he refuses on the grounds I owed him a laptop which as I see it is services rendered from 5 years ago as he did this once before......

I threatened him with legal action and no suprize he brings my equiptment back.

Fast forward to the present day, my mistake I forgot to remove him as an admistrater to my Facebook page and low and behold he pulls a stunt by trying to delete my page.

I retaliated by screenshoting the notification, unblocking him off my phone temporarily just to send one message, that I will be showing the notification to my solicitor on Monday.

So I hear you ask why is he disgruntled?....... because one of his biggest paying customers had sourced me out and now he is reaping what he sowed.

Its not my fault that this particular customer preferred to do business with me and the table has turned. smiley

Plus I'm laughing as I have just looked at his website and he has messed it up. It going to cost him to rectify this as I know he does not know what he is doing otherwise he would never have approached me in the beginning to design his website. Furthermore he has no Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions which is illegal especially since GDPR rules came into force last month. smiley
He is continuing to make money off the back off me, with no remorse or empathy.

In fact I should be the one to be disgruntled after all everything he has done, but I move on quickly and only express my grievances when my buttons get pushed.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me the second time I will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Don't get me wrong I am a happy go lucky person but if someone tries to get under my out.

Moral of the story if someone refuses to sign a contract walk away and always delete any digital footprints if you part on bad terms.

Also if you are ever approached by this person to design a website for him be careful as I am not the first or last to be scammed and refused paying for things, he has a very poor credit rating and will pay the first few payments and them stop in his tracks with some BS excuse.

He plans to have a fishing website done sooner or later as he wants to sell fly fishing equipment online, I suggest tread with caution and ask for money upfront or decline to do business with this individual period.

Should I have made this post?, is it professional of me to do so?

The way I see it individuals like this person should not be in business if they go around scamming and exploiting people. If it means that I prevent someone else being scammed I have at least acheived something.

Don't get me wrong I hate airing my dirty laundry out in public but there has to be a way of stopping people like this from causing mayhem and disruption to businesses. Had I have not noticed this Facebook notification he would have succeeded in destroying an income stream for me.

He will be getting a letter from my solicitor.

Rules of Business.....

Always show respect and never do anything underhand as it will always catch up with you.

Be Safe and don't be Sorry!


Moving forward he has now realized I have published a book for his client, but what he fails to grasp is the client is going back to him to get a book done to see the comparison of the quality which is not going to be anything like mine as everyone who has seen mine including a competitor of his all remarked how high quality it was. His client has confirmed he will be ordering 10 books from me regardless. Fuming for him and he who laughs last will laugh the longest. Karma is a B@@ch lol.


I have just terminated a contract with one of my domainers, who asked me to build a website for him. He also asked me to set up affiliate marketing programs which I did.

He refused to sign the contract and after two weeks of the website being live he was demanding and expecting miracle traffic and conversions.

Seeing as he did not pay for PPC advertising and the website was new I terminated the agreement on the grounds he breached the terms and condtions of my business.

He asked for his money back which was for a landing page, but I always go one step better with my clients and built him three pages and a blog. I did a lot of work and he then has the cheek to ask for his money back.

I have now blocked him off all the channels. I suppose I will find more muppets like him in the future, but each one I have a zero tolerance on and have toughened up over the years.

Don't take any BS of anyone!

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Who Am I.

ABOUT THE OWNERPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, June 01, 2017 13:42:36

Hello Readers,

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Renata Barnes, I own

I was born in Shrewsbury Shropshire to Polish Parents. My father Jan was a war vetran in WWII and after the Battle of Monte Cassino came to the UK to fight with the British Army. After the war was over he stayed in the UK with his mother and later met my mother whilst she was in the UK on holiday. I did have two brothers, but one of them now lives in the US, whilst the other sadly passed away.

People say one should not divulge personal information in a professional capacity. I disagree, its good to let the world know you are just like anyone else, you are approachable and are understanding and you dont hide. I may be guilty of one thing and that is not having photographs taken and spread around the internet. I only have a couple of photos that I use for profiling other than that I try to keep myself private to a certain extent.

Private Life:
In the last decade I have had it hard. Both my parents passed away followed by my brother. I did not have any serious relationships since my divorce 16 years ago up until I met this Polish man in the UK about 7 years ago.

At first he seemed perfect until he started to be verbally and physically abusive towards me.

Since then we live seperately and all I do is put all my energy into my work in order to block out all the negative things that have happened in my life.

I am in the throughs of writing my memoirs in a book. I one day will publish it to make woman aware that a devil sometimes can look handsome in order to lure you in a bit like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

No woman deserves to be mentally or physically abused. It just says the attacker is insecure and unstable and is afraid of loosing you, so he tries to break you down so you feel helpless, so that you don't leave.

I am more powerful than that, yes sticks and stones will break my bones, but I will heal and become stonger and when I get up, so help you.

Yes I still get my down moments but have managed to block out everything he has done to me from spraying a concoction of bleach and disenfectant in my eyes to breaking my ribs and dislocationg my knee which I will have to have an operation to fix.

But I do not know what is worse the physical or the verbal abuse. I suppose with the physical it will heal, but with the verbal it leaves scars.

To this day I am weary of him and where love treads a thin line, he has definitely crossed the border with me and I hate him with a vengence.

For legal reasons I do not want to mention his name but his initials are E.S and should suffice.

All I want to do is get as far away from him as possible so that he can never find me or my daughter.


Yes I could have had him arrested many times over but he has some unsavoury friends and I am afraid of the consequences if I had him arrested again.

I will get there in the end because if anything he has made me even more determined.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


The obstacles keep coming and I am determined more than ever to get through everything that has been thrown at us. This time my daugher is seriously ill. The Univeristy Hospital of Wales is doing everything to find out what has caused my 17 year old to have lesions on her brain and spine.

I feel sad that my child who has already had cataract surgery is going through this.

What has she done to deserve this?

Professional Life:
I made a career as a photographer for many years and published several books in my time but thanks to my brothers who were in the IT industry I started to evolve Designing Websites. Since then I have moved into Domain Brokering. I offer this service to my clients aswell as having my own portfolio. I eventually will have a stand alone domain website relating only to Domain Brokering.

Knowing what I know now I wish I had looked into Domain Brokering much earlier in my life, but still I am optimistic and eager for a challenge.

Located now in Cardiff Wales, I now consult businesses to grow to their full potential, from finding the ideal domain name, to designing a website and helping with all their business marketing and office intergration.

I also want to mention my daughter Zena who is currently doing her GCSE's. She is still undecided what she wants to do. Even though ideally I would like her to join me in what I call a mans world, as I dont seem to see many female domain brokers out there, why is that?...........

I have so many projects under my belt and will update you as soon as I have some news.

Wishing everyone happy reading!

Best Wishes

Renata & Zena.


I know I should create a different post all together, but this is non related to domain brokering or website design this is just a rant.

The temperature in the UK is 31c, I dont know about the rest of you in the UK, but I can't work in these temperature, not only is it hot but working on a laptop on my knees is making me and the computer overheat.

I am walking around like a beetroot and all I can think about is cooling off in water but computers and water do not mix.

I will be glad when this heat wave subsides.

Even if I do my work in the evening when its slightly cooler its still too hot for me.

When I hear internet marketers saying you can work anywhere round the world and even on a beach, what planet are they on? Computers, sand and water is a cocktail for disaster.


Heatwave over thankfully, now I can work from the comfort of my home with out over-heating and be counter productive.


Another rant coming..........

I just had an argument with an insurance company to be precise as I noticed on a recent policy some discrepencies. I tried changing them and they have suspended the policy on the grounds that the named driver is not in a relationship to me, even though the car belongs to me and I have given the named driver permission to drive my car.

I happened to say the words 'BS' and 'SEX' and I was told I was vulgar and rude. So now one needs to speak Queens English to speak with them. Its all BS. I tried saying its nonsense and because I am not in an intimate relationship, I cannot have insurance.

I'm an internet marketer I can write so many bad reviews and dedicate a blog just for them if they decide to cancel the insurance.

Watch this space.


Its a month tomorrow since I raised the question about my relationship status on the insurance policy and where I was told the insurnce was now pending and we still have not resolved the issue. So for a month tomorrow we have been without a car and I have had to use taxis to get around. should compensate me for this. I will be looking for a different insurance company and will be giving bad feedback so that they loose business. Totally unacceptable.


Only three weeks left to find out the results of Zena's exams.


I am so pleased with my daughter she passed 9 GCSEs and is now in sixth form college. I am really proud of her even though she has had her own battles with a recent cataract operation. I believe in her and push her and push her to her limits so that she can have a better start in life to what I had. I do not want her to struggle in life. I want her to have everything she desires.

Go Girl !!!

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