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February Update

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Mon, February 11, 2019 23:46:06
Hi Guys and Gals,

Just thought of checking in.

Whats happened since the New Year......

We have sold one five word domain name its still pointing to my landing page but we have been paid so it's Godaddys problem now.

We have built a few websites since the 1st January 2019:

and a Polish website for a Solicitor:

I'm thinking of taking on the Polish Market and broaden my horizons as they say.

I have noticed that a lot of businesses in Poland do not have websites but then again they are a few years behind us with technology. the ones that do do not have cookie banners and no GDPR Policies.

Technology is for the people that can afford it and phones like the latest iPhones are just a dream to some people as they cost 1000's in their own currency. I should know I have been to Poland several times and my last visit was in January of this year as I had to go there on business. The times before was to the outback and not every household has internet and if they do the signal is really bad. The same goes for mobile signal if your in a town then fair enough you will get a reasonable signal but the moment you go to the villages you won't get a signal if your life depended on it.

Anyway will check in again when i have some more news.

Speak soon
Renata x

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Reason to Buy a Domain for High Figures.

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Tue, December 18, 2018 19:14:37
Reason to Buy a Domain for High Figures.

As I have said in my blog before and also in my book, a Domain is worth something to the enduser if they need it to Brand or Re-brand themselves. It also depends on their budget.

Here is an interesting article why the end user decided to pay $150,000 for a Domain Name.

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Christmas Greetings

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Sun, December 16, 2018 22:12:14

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Lifetime Ownership

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Tue, December 04, 2018 17:33:00

Imagine that,.......... no more renewal fees just one payment and your done for life, no more forgetting to renew you domain names.

I think its a marvellous idea.

Check out these guys:

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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Tue, November 20, 2018 13:04:42

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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, November 08, 2018 22:22:00
'Verisign' on my mind - I agree and disagree.

Read the full article here:

Basically they are saying that people are greedy and not giving value for money.

If I were the Joe Blogs of this world and all I wanted to do is flip domains for a living and had no clue about saving a company money in paid per click advertising, pulled a figure out of the hat, I wouldn't blame companies calling me a 'Domain Scalper' as that is potentially what I would be.

On the other hand if I were a business selling domains with a view of developing them for a company then I would take offense to such allegations as 'Rick Schwartz' so happily and rightly said in his blog most recently:

But what plays in the back of my mind is not the scalpers of this world but the money launders and tax evading companies/people that buy up domain names for illegal purposes.

Some of the highest sold domain names are questionable as how did these sellers come to the figures that have been published as sold. How did they predict future business sales in order to reach these enormous amounts of money.

I agree that some domains especially the one word dot coms are worth a lot of money but how did these people reach these figures of past history domain names? Even using my valuation techniques I question how these numbers were agreed and sold. Afterall a company works within budgets and have set amounts of money for each department including advertising and marketing.

Where has the money come from to pay for example $11 Million for a domain name? How long would it take to get the money back in revenue to pay for the asset in question?

How would a company justify paying this amount of money to the IRS or the Inland Revenue? There is more going on here that meets the eye.

Yes of course companies that have branded themselves and trademarked their names will secure everything that can be misconstrued to stop competitors and cybersquatters using their traffic as a means to help their businesses, that goes without saying and will pay enormous amounts of money for the acquistions.

Here is food for thought and this is my own personal opinion, whereby I develop websites for companies and myself. Say I wanted a domain name that was not availble but was selling on the open market by a domainer or domain broker, if both parties could not justify why the price of the doamin was worth more that £10,000.00 or dollars for arguments sake. I would not pay for instance millions of pounds or dollars for aq domain name as the tax people would have something to say.

I mention in my book about a 500ct diamond and the person who is selling it wants a domain that I happen to own, this is all hypothetical by they way, then in these circumstances I would most probably pay high figures especailly if my brand was well known. But there is a thin line between cybersquatting and legitamacy. Otherwise I would not pay the ridiculouse amounts of money people are asking for domain name sales.

I have recently published a book that goes into some detail about money laundering and valuations.

The link to the books is here:!/Domain-Sellers-Handbook-Soft-Cover/p/122824524/category=0

You can buy it directly from our store for £14.99

If people are not adding value to what they are selling and cannot give a company reasons why they think their asset is valuable then I think 'Verisign' has a valid point!

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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Sat, October 27, 2018 20:19:15

So I'm on Linkedin yesterday and I come across a post by a well know Domain Broker I won't name him but I was infuriated with his comment that he seems to think he is the one of 5 authenticated guru's of pricing domain names on this planet.

Good for him if he thinks this way but to continue to say there are only 5 people on this planet that can appraise domain names is absolutely ridiculous.

Anybody with common sense and a knowledge of Paid Per Click Advertising can appraise a domain name. You just have to work out how much a domain would save a customer in pay per click advertising.

A SEO expert can easily work this out and there are thousands of SEO Companies that can give you free advice.

The bullshit I hear on the web is incredible and people actually believe it smiley

My ex-husband used to say bullshit baffles brains and I now know why and would agree with him !!!

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Domain Sellers Handbook Launched

DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Thu, October 18, 2018 19:10:45


Get yours now for £14.99 via our store, we are cheaper than Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Use the link:!/Domain-Sellers-Handbook-Soft-Cover/p/122824524/category=0

After careful deliberation I decided to change the cover of my book and am happy to announce the launch of my book today.

Domain Sellers Hanbook

Guide Book For Buying, Selling Domain Names and Increasing Traffic.

Domain Sellers and Investors, Businesses and Millennials will find this book an educational tool.

All Companies no matter how big or small want more business and are always exploring ways to generate more Traffic.

Millennials our future entrepreneurs will find it more and more difficult to acquire their ideal domain names.

Buy buying an exact match searchable keyword you are securing your place above your competitors in the virtual world.

#Business, #Branding, #SEO, #Marketing, #Domain Names

The book is in a queue to be distributed on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble etc this will be available soon.

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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Wed, October 10, 2018 18:04:31


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DOMAIN BROKERSPosted by CHIEF APP & WEB DEVELOPER Tue, September 25, 2018 18:38:48

I am nearly at the end of my editing of the book. I have all the chapters laid out and am excited to get the copy in my hands. I am to launch it between the middle to end of October. I had hoped to have have had it finished sooner but work prevails. I will give an update closer to the time. Also 10% of proceeds from the book will go to the Muliple Sclerosis Charity which is very personal to me as my daugher was diagnosed with the disease this year.

It will be sold on our store aswell as Amazon & Barnes & Nobel as well as all other major bookstores.

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